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Nina Hartley

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"Experience DOES matter," proclaims living porn legend Nina Hartley, and she's got more than anyone. With over three decades in the dirty movie business and a collection of every adult film lifetime achievement award in existence lining her mantel, Nina is the ultimate MILF. You don't get to her level unless you truly love to fuck, and this blonde bombshell adores everything about sex: having it in every kinky scenario you can imagine, teaching others how to make theirs better, and even fantasizing about fucking each and every single one of her fans at least once (although she adds with a sigh, "Logistics get in the way of that."). Nina explains, "I love helping people have fun and don't need to get fucked to enjoy myself." She just wants to help everyone, particularly the generations of women who've cum of age watching her porn, to love sex as much as she does! Watch this adult film superstar give it her all in the scenes below and get the benefit of her considerable experience now.

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