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Barbie Feels

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Sparkling new pornstar Barbie Feels was born in the US but moved over to the UK when she was only two years old. After attending an all-girls boarding school in rural England, during which she was deprived of male attention, blonde-haired Barbie says that her "promiscuous nature really started to blossom," and she was eager to spread her sexual wings and try out new experiences. Boasting a stunning set of fake tits and a hot, athletic body, Barbie has left behind her previous career working in advertising, and she is now capturing the hearts and hardening the cocks of porn fans worldwide! The beautiful Brit often fantasizes about partaking in a big orgy, although she prefers to be submissive in the bedroom, especially when she’s being fucked in doggy since it makes her feel "slutty and nasty!" The sexy MILF is currently dating her real-life Ken, and the couple have previously thrown their own sex parties! Now, Ken and Barbie are both training to become sex coaches, and when the gorgeous cumslut isn’t busy working, she enjoys cooking, spending time with friends, and dancing. Check out Barbie and her breathtaking assets in the scenes down below!

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